Our Eye Movement Recorder, ReadAlyzer2K, is a device that analyzes a person’s reading based on the eye movements. It consists of hardware to measure eye movements and software that automatically analyzes the recorded eye movements and presents a number of characteristic measures for the movements. The most important features of the system is the ease of use and the low impact on the subject's reading behavior, which means that results are representative for the subject's normal reading.

The goggles communicates with the computer using a wireless Bluetooth connection.

The subject is reading normal printed text on paper with normal reading illumination. There are no direct restrictions for reading distance and reading position. Extensive head movements are not a problem. They are removed by the software automatically.

The measurement of the eye movements is done by illuminating the eye with infrared light and measuring the amount of reflected light. Ordinary glasses or contact lenses can be used as usual inside the measuring goggles. The only adjustment that is needed is to adjust the interpupillary distance.

To check that the subject has read the text with understanding, the examiner asks a number of questions about the contents of the text.

The analysis of the reading is automatic. The result is presented as values and a graphical profile that is basic values expressed as age when you normally reach the level.

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