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Welcome to Compevo AB and our advanced Eye Movement Recorder with automated Reading Analysis!

We are specialized in Eye Movement Recording equipment with Reading Analysis that is easy and safe to use. With our ReadAlyzer systems, you can easily objectively measure reading skills. The system is particulary suitable for mobile use with laptop computers. The system uses infrared light for measurements and is tested to be safe under any condition.

Better Design than competition

  • International Medical Approval according to IEC-60601-1

  • Eye Safe Guard that guarantees that IR light can't damage eyes according to International Eye Safety standard IEC60825-1

  • USB connection for current computers

  • System powered through USB connector - no separate Power Supply

  • Very low power - ideal for use with laptop computer

  • Goggle material is now TPE, a new material without softener that is in itself elastic.

  • Electronics inside goggles sealed

  • System works with Windows XP (SP2 or higher), Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Also working with Technical Preview of Windows 10.

During the test, the subject reads a text on paper from a text booklet that are available in several languages. There are two versions of the software - English and German. The German software version comes with an enhanced text booklet with 81 German texts.

Available text booklet languages:

Afrikaans, American English, Danish, Dutch, French (not so many texts), German, Italian, Mexican Spanish, Norwegian, RSA English, Portuguese, Swedish.

Languages in progress:

Arabic, Chinese, French, Hebrew.


Complete system with English software: USD 3,990
Complete system with German software: USD 4,800
Extra text booklet: USD 125

Inside EU we have to add Swedish VAT (25%) if we don't get your registered VAT number.

Product sheets in pdf format:


We have decided to discontinue our Visagraph system.

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